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Penalties - Motorists

Motorists failing to overtake a cyclist allowing a passing distance of 1 metre (up to 60km/h) 1.5 metres (over 60km/h) = 4 demerit points and $400 fine    
Entering a green bicycle box (at some intersections) = 2 demerit points and $200 fine    
Penalties - Cyclists

Cyclists riding more than two abreast (with up to 1.5m between riders) = $50 fine                                                  Not wearing a helmet = $50 fine
Failure to have at least one effective brake and working warning device (e.g. bell) = $100 fine 
Failure to have correct lighting for visibility = $100 fine
Riding less than 2m behind a vehicle = $100 fine
Passing on the left of a vehicle that is turning left = $100 fine   

Motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians have a joint responsibility to share the road respectfully and safely and obey the road rules.  Cyclists are vulnerable road users, so for their safety extra precautions and awareness are required from all road users alike. 


If you’re a motorist, only pass a cyclist when you have a clear view of the road ahead and if there’s enough space for you to pass.  You may legally cross continuous white lines to safely pass a cyclist. Remember to indicate.                                                                                                                                   
Passing laws:
  • When travelling on roads with a speed limit up to 60km/h, allow 1 metre between your vehicle and the cyclist to pass safely;
  • When travelling on roads with a speed limit over 60km/h, allow 1.5 metres to pass a cyclist.
Other laws for motorists sharing the road with cyclists:
  • Must give way to cyclists if crossing an on-road bicycle lane;
  • Before opening a car door, ensure there isn’t a bicycle rider in the way;
  • When turning left - if a cyclist is in front, allow them to pass before making a turn;
  • Must not enter the green bicycle boxes (at some intersections).


TIP: Riding two abreast makes people on bikes more visible.  If you’re a cyclist who likes riding in a group, you shouldn’t ride any more than two abreast.  When the road narrows, do the courteous thing and move into single file.  It keeps everyone safe and allows drivers to pass you safely.
  • Must wear a helmet that is properly fastened;
  • Must have at least one brake and a warning device (bell/horn) working;
  • Must use a front white light and rear red light which can be seen for 200m during the night and in conditions of poor visibility. A red rear reflector visible for 50m is also required;
  • Can ride two side-by-side on the road, with up to 1.5m between riders;
  • Can’t ride less than 2m behind a vehicle;
  • Are not allowed to pass on left of a vehicle that is turning left;
  • Must give way to vehicles exiting a roundabout;
  • Should ensure visibility by wearing reflective or fluorescent clothing;
  • When travelling on the road, can be on the left of a road’s edge line.