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Crossing Continuous White Lines
Crossing Continuous White Lines image

Crossing the edge line of a road = $100 fine.

Crossing a continuous line when changing lanes = 2 demerit points and $100 fine.

Crossing a continuous centre line = 3 demerit points and $150 fine.

There are three types of single continuous (unbroken) lines:

1. Edge Lines

Are used to mark the edge of the road.

You can only cross over an edge line when entering or leaving the road or; passing a vehicle on the left that is turning right or making a U-turn.

2. Lane Lines

Are used to define multiple lanes travelling in the same direction.

If the lane line is continuous, don’t cross the line to change lanes.

3. Centre/Dividing Lines

Are used to separate lanes travelling in different directions.

If the centre/dividing lines are continuous, do not cross that line unless you are turning right (i.e. to leaving or entering the road) or making a U-turn. The same applies if there is a continuous line on the left of a broken or dotted centre line.

Exceptions: - If you are overtaking a cyclist, or you need to avoid an obstruction, you may cross the continuous centre line(s) or edge line providing you have a clear view of any approaching traffic, and it is safe to do so.