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Failing to overtake at a safe distance = 4 demerit points and $400 fine.

Overtaking at a railway/pedestrian/children's crossing = 4 demerit points and $400 fine.

Overtaking on continuous white line = 3 demerit points and $200 fine.

It is illegal to exceed the speed limit when overtaking = penalty varies.

Failing to overtake a cyclist allowing a passing distance of 1 metre (up to 60km/h) 1.5 metres (over 60km/h) = 4 demerit points and $400 fine.  

Overtaking can be dangerous. When overtaking, make sure you have a clear view of oncoming traffic and use your indicator to signal your intentions to other drivers.

Overtaking on the left

Permitted when:

  • driving on a multi-lane road;

  • directed by an authorised person (e.g. police officer);

  • the vehicle(s) in the right lane is stationary and it is safe to do so;

  • a vehicle is indicating that it is turning right or making a U-turn. 

Overtaking on the right

This is permitted when you’re both travelling in the same direction and you are not crossing a continuous white line.

Overtaking a vehicle on the right is NOT permitted:

  • at a railway, pedestrian or children’s crossing;

  • at an intersection;

  • where there is a ‘no overtaking’ sign;

  • where there are single or double continuous centre lines;

  • where you do not have a clear view of approaching traffic.

Motorists should only overtake a cyclist when there is a clear view of the road ahead and if there’s enough space for you to pass.   You may legally cross continuous white lines to safely pass a cyclist. Remember to indicate.                                                                                                                                                   

When travelling on roads with a speed limitup to 60km/h, allow 1 metre between your vehicle and the cyclist to pass safely;

When travelling on roads with a speed limit over 60km/h, allow 1.5 metres to pass a cyclist.